25lbs Package




  • A space for a table and to display your banner in the lobby. You may display business flyers, cards, photographs or you may simply introduce a new business. You may also sell clothing, supplements, vitamins or your company’s products from your booth as long as they are in good taste.  
  • Your business logo will be printed on contest T-shirts if your logo is received by Monday, July 15th, 2019 and will be distributed to all contestants, judges, staff and sponsors.
  • The MC only will advertise your company by introducing your business or practice during the event. 
  • Your business or practice logo will have a ¼ page ad in the show schedule which will be handed out during the show.
  • LOGO LINK- Your business logo with a link to your home page will be displayed on the Fire & Ice Classic webpage (www. Fireandiceclassic.com) under the sponsor section. This will show all visitors to our website that you are a proud sponsor and supporter of the Fire and Ice Classic and the drug free lifestyle.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Your business will be announced on the 2019 Fire & Ice Classic event as long as on the Fire & Ice Classic FB page and GlacierBodies Fitness FB page and Instagram along with your logo and your website information, if applicable. 
  • You will also receive two complimentary tickets to the evening show in the front row.


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